5 Steps That Just Work for Me to Come Up With Content Ideas

My idea-generation process allows me to write 20–25 posts every week

Walid AO


Photo by TheRegisti on Unsplash

I'm sure there are many articles like this out there on Medium and other platforms — But these five steps do work wonders for me, and I'm here to share them with you.

From June 2020 to January 2021, I wrote 20–25 posts every week on Medium. Then I moved to Clubhouse and became one of the top hosts on the app among Arabic speakers. Nevertheless, I managed to come up with room ideas and topics to discuss very easily. The method I'll share with you today works wonders regardless if you are a writer on Medium, a podcast host, or if you post on other platforms.

Newcomers and newbies tend to see what other successful creators do, and they try to mimic them. If I want to be honest, content creators are the ones who tell newcomers to mimic them and learn from them. However, this vicious cycle creates repetitive content for the audience — Is it a piece of great advice then?

I'm here to help you break this cycle of repetitive content. I'm here to help you break from the shadows of the OG creators before you.

I'm not someone with a vast following on Medium or other social media platforms. But, I did create multiple viral contents on Medium and Clubhouse — Without ever using clickbait or promising the holy grail for my audience.

I'm here to share my unique idea-generating method with you, and I would like to get your feedback too.

Perspective is key

Share your stories and content from your POV. Share your experience and your hustle with others.

See, I noticed that readers online connect to the writers for their personal experience and knowledge. They will probably buy a book if they want to read dry facts.

The connection between content creators and consumers over the internet is a personal connection

Don't take my word for it. However, ask yourself one question? What do you know about the personal life of your favorite YouTubers?