Clubhouse Review After Using The Platform for Six Months

How the new app changed the way I interact with people online

Walid AO


Photo by Nathana Rebouças on Unsplash

I joined Clubhouse on January 27th, 2021. In the beginning, it has been the best experience ever. I’ve talked in rooms with poets, startup incubators, news anchors, singers, producers, and songwriters. And now we follow each other on other social media platforms.

I networked with many awesome people that I now call friends. I even went on a trip abroad and met many people I first met and talked to on Clubhouse.

It did help in my early days on Clubhouse that worldwide some form of lockdown was in place — People went into Clubhouse to talk to their friends or meet new people.

Clubhouse gave me the fastest growth on social media over four platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Clubhouse, and LinkedIn). Nevertheless, I focused my efforts on the app to speak Arabic and network within Arabs. I barely go to English- or German-speaking rooms — the Arabic audience is the one I’m targeting through my social media accounts.

I’m not an expert in personal branding, nor am I someone who sells any courses or services online — Yes, there are many of those on Clubhouse. I’m just someone interested in growing their network to use this network on a personal and professional level.

After six months of using the platform, this article sums my verdict on Clubhouse. Is it worth it, or shall you stay far away from it? And what about the new upcoming apps such as Spotify’s Greenroom, Twitter’s Spaces, and most recently, Facebook's live rooms.


Every time you are in a room, you are immediately surrounded by people interested in the topic of the room. This alone allows you to easily network with people interested in you and what you have to offer.

When you speak, people usually take the chance to open and read your profile. If they like what they hear and what they read, they will follow you on Clubhouse and most probably on Instagram or Twitter.

Remember, these followers are people who already interacted with you. Not some random people who randomly saw your profile on Instagram.