Clubhouse: Whatever Happened to The Best App in 2021

This app had so much potential — Now everything is gone

Walid AO


Photo by C D-X on Unsplash

I remember the first day I joined Clubhouse in January 2021. The app, even within its invite-only status at that time, was full of rooms, voices, discussions, and people ready to network.

Within short few days, I was connected to poets, entrepreneurs, news anchors, singers, songwriters, radio hosts; you name it. Everyone was on the app.

Everyone was open to talking. In no app other than Clubhouse would I have the chance to meet such amazing people. And in its early days, people would follow each other immediately on Instagram or Twitter — Many of which I’m still friends with over Instagram even though I do not use Clubhouse anymore.

While I was active on Clubhouse, I had the most significant and fastest social media growth for my accounts. I managed to gather 1000+ followers in less than two weeks. And the trend was not slowing down.

In July 2021, the app was open for anyone to join without an invitation. However, by then, the hype was already gone, and no one cared for Clubhouse anymore. The hosts or content creators on the platform moved on. The app wasn’t in the public eye anymore. By 2023, no one is even talking about Clubhouse anymore — so what did happen to…