Here is Why The Apple Watch Always Shows 10:09

Other watchmakers set the time to 10:10

Walid AO
2 min readSep 18, 2020


Last week’s Tuesday, I planted myself in front of the TV to watch Apple’s event for the Apple Watch and the new iPads. Throughout the event, I noticed that the Apple Watch always shows the time 10:09.

It does not matter which watch face is used; all watches in the event and the following commercial showed 10:09. I thought to myself, is this number a significant number for Apple somehow, or is it just a random number chosen by the gigantic tech company.

The strangest thing is that Apple is also not following the norm followed by other watchmakers. Analog watchmakers show 10:10 on their watches for multiple reasons:

  1. The hands are not overlapping, so they are clearly visible, and watch lovers can admire them.
  2. The arrangement is symmetric, which is generally more pleasing than asymmetric arrangements.
  3. It does not hide additional complications on the watch’s face.
  4. The manufacturer’s logo, usually placed underneath 12 at the top of the watch’s face, remains visible and nicely framed by its hands.
  5. It is also a cheeky smiling face. 😁

The real reason for the 10:10 settings is esthetics for analog watches. Digital watchmakers do not have a standard per se; they typically show different numbers on different digits to show off their watch.

Why does Apple show 10:09 on all of its official pictures?

The time 10:09 is not significant for Apple. Their iPhones, iPads, and other products typically show 09:41, which is the time Steve Jobs presented the iPhone for the first time. The only Apple product that does not follow this rule is the Apple Watch.

Some might argue that 10:09 is closer to a perfect symmetry than 10:10. However, this rule might apply to the analog watch faces but not the digital one. Apple’s insistence on highlighting 10:09 on all of Apple Watch faces has nothing to do with symmetry, happy face, or any of the reasons mentioned above, which apply to analog watches.

Apple is making a bold statement with this particular time on their watches. Apple is making a statement that they are ahead of the curve when it comes to watches, and they are ahead of times with their Apple Watch.

It is no secret that the Apple Watch is a massive success for the tech company. It is the most popular smartwatch out, and its sales are skyrocketing. With every new feature, The Apple Watch remains ahead of its competitors in the smartwatch sector.