How I Managed to Stop Smoking in 8 Weeks

The right mindset is all you need

Walid AO


Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash

I managed to stop smoking over the last eight weeks. I didn’t want to write about it initially because I was afraid I’d slip back to smoking. But, I think this is a journey worth sharing.

This story is not a recommendation, a piece of advice, or a method to quit smoking. It is just for entertainment.

I did not use any product or read books or articles on how o stop smoking. All I had was the right mindset and the right people around me.

I smoked for 20 years

I have been a smoker since 2002 and smoked a pack a day during this entire period.

I’ve tried to stop smoking multiple times, but they always backfired. I’ll stop smoking for 2–3 weeks only. By the end of these weeks, I would have gained five kilograms and would be back to smoking.

So, what makes this time different? And why did I even decide to stop smoking? — This is the exciting part.

Why did I decide to stop smoking?

Against all beliefs and assumptions, I just decided to stop smoking out of nowhere. I did not have a health scare. No one of my friends or family had a health scare — So why the sudden decision?

Would you believe me if I told you that the decision came out of excessive positive vibes in my life?

Over the Easter break, I decided to visit my friend (neither celebrates Easter). I didn’t have the chance to meet him since January 2019. He moved away, and a major world event made traveling not simple. We both got busy at work, and life got in the way.

Three days before Easter, I asked him what he was doing for Easter? He replied that both of us would be hanging together.

Ten minutes later, I emailed him my flight details and how long I’ll be visiting.

Nothing special happened on this trip, but at the same time, It was extraordinary.

We spent the three-day short trip talking and catching up. During the last two years, we regularly talked over a Zoom call — So we never got out of touch.