Qatar, The World Cup, And The European Double Standard

Europe is suffering from a superiority complex

Walid AO


Photo by Visit Qatar on Unsplash

The World Cup has arrived in Qatar, and the 30-day party has started. The World cup is an event watched by 100s of millions worldwide, which is a reason for tremendous excitement. However, this time not everybody is excited about the host nation.

Qatar is being bombarded with criticism from the European world for a range of issues expanding, from the mistreatment of migrant workers, their stands on homosexuality, and, most recently, the banning of alcohol consumption in stadiums.

It got so ridiculous that European nations were plotting to prove their points no matter what. The BBC, for example, didn't even air the opening ceremony of the World Cup as a sign of protest. BBC is the only network broadcasting the event in the UK. Fans there felt betrayed.

Also, a couple of European nations decided to wear the "One Love" captain armband before backing out last minute for fear of receiving a yellow card.

However, let us be clear — Do not believe for a second that the European reaction is about any of the above. My friend, you are deeply mistaken.

Europe has no right to speak.

No person should be mistreated, and we must raise our voices against the mistreatment of migrant workers. We must also strive to guarantee the rights of everybody. However, this is not about them, even if Europe wants you to think otherwise.

Europe has yet to apologize for their actions and atrocities before claiming the moral high ground here. Europe has no right to speak.

This is the same part of the world that gave us colonialism and the illegal invasion of Iraq. Yes, Great Britain's army tortured innocent Iraqi civilians when they illegally invaded the country. France just recently returned 24 Algerian anti-colonial fighters' skulls to Algeria. However, only six of these belonged actually to Algerian fighters. These nations have in no way or shape the right to claim the moral high ground.

This is also not about the right to practice homosexuality or the right to drink alcohol either. This is about projecting the European secular liberal…