The 2 Productivity Tools I Use

Increasing one’s productivity is a hot topic right now

Walid AO
6 min readFeb 17


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POV: One day, I sat for 8 hours in a training session to use one of our client’s document management systems (DMS). It was lengthy, complicated, had tons of metadata, and a lot to consider every time we had to use this system.

After eight hours, and while I was packing my things to leave, one of the client’s representatives asked me how I found the session. I answered: “I’m surprised you (as a company) decided to work to keep a document management system running instead of using the system to help you finish your projects.

The room went into dead silence immediately. For the next 10 to 15 seconds, no one said a single word, and everybody looked at everybody.

Then someone asked me: “What do you mean?” I replied: “Well, DMS or any productivity tool is designed to support your work and make you more efficient or productive. This DMS is designed to do the exact opposite — It requires a huge deal of metadata to function, and if one of these data is entered wrong or incomplete, the entire system crashes.” He answered:

I see no objections to this statement

These words are sad. You’ll never see good results if you do not believe in the capabilities of whatever software or tool you use.

I personally tried multiple productivity and note-taking tools throughout my career. In the last two years, I only decided to stick with two tools — and I’m here to share them with you.

Why should you listen to me?

For the past years, I’ve managed a team of incredible individuals. My team grew from 10 to 55 people within short years. We are located in more than 7 locations around Europe. We managed to become one of the leading consultants in our industry, competing with others who are double or even triple our size.

This post will not be about our communication and how we secure the information flow from one part of the team to the other. It will be about which tools I personally use.

Do not use all the apps just because your productivity influencer uses them