The Art of Crafting a Captivating Title: A Dive into the Capabilities of ChatGPT

Title suggested by ChatGPT

Walid AO
4 min readJan 13


Photo by Ales Nesetril on Unsplash

Ok, Let's be honest with each other. Since ChatGPT was announced, writers and content creators have flocked to use the OpenAI language model to test its capabilities.

Some (including me) used it to determine the outline of their story ideas and stories. So far, I'm amazed by the language AI.

I use it mainly to ping-pong ideas about stories I want to dive into. It gives me the same feeling as chatting with a friend or a work colleague to bounce ideas off them.

I suddenly remembered that I constantly analyzed other writers' work and styles in my early writing beginnings. I remember this story I wrote about the most successful story on Medium in 2021:

All of a sudden, I wanted to test ChatGPT's capabilities in writing headlines and titles.

Screenshot from my conversation with ChatGPT — It chose the title of this story

So, how did this headline score on Sharethrough's headline analysis tool? Let's see:

Headline score — analyzed by Sharethrough's headline analysis tool

Holy moly, an AI was able to get such high scores by a headline or subject that can only be described as technical.

I think we underestimated ChatGPT's capabilities.

A friend of mine believes that ChatGPT is being hyped at the moment, and I agree with her.

Nagham is right. We can't solely rely on ChatGPT for work or critical matters. It even warns…