What Does The Leaked iPhone 15 Pro Design Tell Us?

Thinner Bezels, thicker phone, what about the Lightning port?

Walid AO
4 min readFeb 18


The 3D renders — Source: 9to5Mac

9to5Mac got an exclusive first look at the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro — finally, the design is changing.

The renders provided to 9to5Mac are based on a CAD model provided by a reliable case manufacturer and the 3D artist Ian Zelbo.

Let's go through the observed changes — Stick to the end for the big surprise. I have to say; I still can't believe it.

All the information I'll be sharing here is based on the CAD file provided to the case manufacturers. Typically and historically, these are pretty accurate to give case manufacturers enough time to prepare cases ahead of launch.

The new design

The new design is curved on its edges. The curve is on the glass as well as on the metal frame. The glass has a light curve around the edges to create a seamless transition to the metal frame.

The frame is also curved. The new design resembles the design of the Macbook Pro (14-inch as well as 16-inch) and the new M2 Macbook Air.

In my opinion, this would feel more comfortable in the hands. The current design, without a case, is very sharp on the hand if I'm holding the phone with one hand.

The phone itself is slightly thicker than its predecessor — Maybe this is required for the new camera, evident by the new camera bump on the back.

Camera Layout

iPhone 11 Pro → iPhone 14 Pro → iPhone 15 Pro — source Ian Zelbo Twitter

Looking at the camera bump, I can't help but notice that this might indicate that the iPhone 15 Pro will come equipped with a better optical zoom that might reach 10X or higher — Optical stabilization is also possible.

The camera layout remains unchanged, with three lenses and a LiDAR scanner in the same arrangement.

Personally, I don't like this. My current iPhone 14 Pro wobbles if I put it faced upward on a flat surface. With a yet thicker bump, this would be really annoying.

No physical buttons