What I Love About Apple's Vision Pro Announcement

Apple didn't mention the MetaVerse throughout the entire announcement

Walid AO
5 min readJun 6


Screenshot by the author — Apple.com

Yes, It is finally out there. We have heard rumors about Apple's Augmented reality headset for over a year. Finally, it is officially announced.

WWDC kicked off yesterday, and this year's keynote had something tech lovers were anticipating — Another "one more thing" moment by Apple. In WWDC 2023, the tech giant finally announced a new product, a VR/AR headset, and it is called Vision Pro — Keep an eye on the Pro naming; it will become important later on.

Apple focused on "Spatial computing" and did not mention the MetaVerse at all. Their goal is not to transfer us into a new digital universe — they are focused on bringing computing into an immersive experience we can move through and interact with.

I loved every moment of the announcement. It was precisely what you would expect from Apple. Here are my favorite takes from the Vision Pro announcement and why I'm excited about it.

No mention of the MetaVerse

Tim Cook and all his deputies did not mention the MetaVerse in a brilliant move during the announcement.

Since Facebook changed its name to Meta, its goal has been clear. They want to build the MetaVerse with a clear focus on immersive experiences with virtual reality.

Apple focused on Augmented reality. This has been clear to all of us for years now. If you have been following Apple's developments in recent years, you would have noticed that Apple is trying to give us the best experience while allowing us to control our screen time and helping us also to take in the world around us — which is the total opposite of Meta's goal.

Apple allows you to interact with the headset and its computing power while seeing the world around you — it does not pull you away from it. Not only that, but the headset also has an external screen, and it reflects your eyes into this screen so that others feel comfortable interacting with you while you have the headset on your head.

They have purposely chosen speakers close to your ears to deliver rich Spatial Audio while keeping you aware of your…